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Kula - Kratovo is independent, non-governmential, non-political and non-profit organization founded in 2009. Our members are highly educated, enthusiastic, passionate, professional and charity people with a lot of experience and desire to develop better society.

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What We Do

Our Mission

To promote educational, cultural, social-economic and ecological dimensions of sustainability in order to regenerate socio-cultural and natural environment.

Our Vision

To be a global resource for the revolution of human consciousness. Our organization will be articulator for clean green environment and cultural empowerment.

Priority Axes

Eco and etno tourism
Green energy
Environmental and cultural awareness
To raise the awareness about sustainability, recycling, ecology and animal rights
Promote organic production

Our Values

Responsibility, motivation, integrity, respect, knowledge, co-operation, tolerance, inclusion, mutual support.

Explorational Stories

News and Updates

Кратовчанката Викторија Вито Филов се закити со признанието за најдобар преведувач на литературно дело
На Денот на Преведувачи, 8 Јуни, инстутиционално беше објавена наградата за најдобар преведувач на литературно дело 2019 на Република Северна Македонија, која ја добиваат: Викторија Вито Филов (асс.,преведувач и толкувач) – за преводот “Роден на Лош Ден” – Даниел Тамет oд оригиналното дело Je suis né un jour bleu, Daniel Tammet, од француски на македонски […]
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ECO Dream Project
“Natural World Connects Us All! Nature is not free, it is precious. Green transformation is inevitable”. Background of the project: The disconnection between the nature and the people, the economic, cultural and social inequalities and the desire to raise collective awareness about green energy, organic production, sustainable communities and save the environment, led us to […]
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Kratovo – City of Medieval Towers and Bridges
It is assumed that on today’s location of the city of Kratovo, a city under the name of Kratiskara existed long ago. Under the name of Kratis or Koriton, the settlement was mentioned in the Byzantine period, and today’s name originates from the location of the city in the crater of an extinguished volcano. The […]
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Toward the First Aspiring Geopark in the Republic of Macedonia: “Lesnovo-Kratovo”
According to the preliminary indications and researches, the Kratovo-Zletovo palaeovolcanic area in the NE part of the Republic of Macedonia, is recognized as a first upcoming aspiring geopark in the country. That is primarily because of the unique geology and geomorphology represented by about 20 volcanic cones and remains of several calderas, from which Lesnovo […]
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Offline Project
Offline is a community event oriented towards live performances organized for the first time. 5th and 6th of October was the weekend when the people in Kratovo had an alternative break where the movies “To the Hilt” and “The Golden Five” were projected in the cinema in Kratovo thanks to the Macedonian Film Agency. Saturday […]
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The Crossroads of Kratovo
In the heart of an extinct volcano lies the medieval town of Kratovo. Since the time of Audoleon of Paeonia, through the Roman, and Medieval and Ottoman period Kratovo is definitely a crossroad of cultures. Kratovo has kept its medieval ambience within the Balkan Peninsula for centuries. The continued existence of cultural and natural monuments […]
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